Disfrute de sabores deliciosos y potentes con la ayuda del mini vaporizador de voltaje variable Exxus Snap VV de Exxus Vape. El último vaporizador portátil y compacto, este dispositivo mide solo 2 pulgadas de alto y una pulgada de ancho, pero ofrece sesiones poderosas y potentes que rivalizan con dispositivos diez veces más grandes. El dispositivo de sigilo perfecto, el mini vaporizador de voltaje variable Exxus Snap VV es el dispositivo de vaporizador de cartucho de aceite móvil líder.

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Small Vape, Big Clouds

Explore out of this world flavor profiles with the incredible Exxus Snap VV Variable Voltage Mini Vaporizer by Exxus Vape. A mini version of the original, this device employs the same characteristics adding top performance, high grade construction and of course stealth, compact use.

Key Features

Get to know your Exxus Snap VV Mini

Some specular features include accommodation for up to 11mm cartridges for a wide range of use, magnetic thread adapters for security, 4 voltage settings for precise sessions, micro USB charging and powered by a high rate discharge lithium ion battery for lasting usage. It doesn’t stop there, at just 2 inches tall and an inch wide this mini powerhouse is the perfect pair for all your oil cartridge counterparts. With a 510-thread connection switch and swap between your favorite cartridges with ease, enjoying every puff on the way.

snap mini overview

woman holding Exxus Snap VV Mini

Loading Your Cartridge

Using Cartridges with the Exxus Snap VV Mini

loading oils on Snap VV Mini
Hand holding Exxus Snap VV Mini

Snap VV Mini Controls

Let’s Get Started

Powering on your Device

To start things up, power on your device. To do this, press the power button 5 times rapidly. Make sure to do it fast or your device might not understand the action. Once on, press the power button 3 times to cycle through the voltage output. Bright colorful LED lights with glow around the power button notifying the user which level of voltage they are on. Red indicates 4.0V, yellow indicates 3.8V, green indicates 3.6V and Blue indicates 3.4V. The Exxus Snap VV Variable Voltage Mini Vaporizer also employs a preheat option. This allows the user to take endless puff for quick sessions without having to press the power button. For preheat mode press the power button 2 times quickly. When you are done or want to take it off preheat, simply press the power button one time and you’re back to normal.

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getting started with Exxus Snap VV Mini

Charging Your Exxus Snap VV Mini

Your Exxus Snap VV Mini's Battery Life

woman sitting holding Exxus Snap VV MiniCharging Snap VV Mini>

What Comes with your Device

Exxus Snap VV Mini Accessories

Included with the battery you get the charging cable for fast and easy charge and extra magnetic rings as replacements or spares.

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